One of the most versatile and popular ways to enjoy Green Tea is Sencha Tea Powder. Sencha leaves are processed using a stone mortar of ceramic grinder to a super-fine powder where it can be used in a variety of fun and imaginative ways.

As it is made from 100% pure Sencha leaves, it has the same full-bodied sweetness as its brewed cousin, but comes with the benefit of easily accessible to those on the move.
Sencha Tea Powder
A teaspoon of Sencha Powder in a glass of cold water is fast and refreshing way to enjoy the beauty and sweetness of Iced Green Tea, not to mention the list of health benefits!

Try freezing the above simple recipe in ice cube trays and add Green Tea ice-cubes to your Iced Green Tea. This will allow you to enjoy the rich, full flavor without any dilution. The color is brilliant and your guests will never forget it!

While in the office, on the road, or whenever you don't have easy access to a Kyusu, or Japanese teapot, put a teaspoon of Sencha Powder in your favorite cup and add boiling water for instant Green Tea! All of the flavor, color, and rejuvenating elements of  fully-infused Sencha anywhere, anytime. 

Yamanien Sencha Powder is a lush, densely flavored powder made from our Shizen Shitate Green Tea Shrubs. 

Available in 50 gram resealable pouch and individual 2 gram serving sticks. 

Contact us for details.

Yamanien Sencha now goes anywhere you go with Sencha Powder.

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